Mill River Golf Club

High and low handicap players usually find it odd to play on the same golf vacation destination. But not for the Mill River Golf Club, where the 18 holes offer unique memories catering to different kinds of golfer’s skill levels. The place prides to give a lot of options to players. Whether a golfer chooses to treat the par 3 of the 3rd hole as favourite, or decides to fancy the newly redesigned par 4 of the 18th, any area adds to the highlights to the dimension of this course. A player would be inclined to use up all skills into overcoming the many challenges of this amazing golf course that stands most popular and affordable in Prince Edward Island.

The Mill River Golf Club is coddled along the Housatonic River on the coast of Long Island Sound. Considered the home of social camaraderie for more than 85 years, this golf vacation location boasts an impressive lineage of proud members, who are the pillars of the community. With mature forests surrounding the course, fairways roll widely, while green bunkers sculpt this area of subtle elevation changes. Numerous lakes and mystical looking streams create a mysterious atmosphere in every hole, without diminishing the quality of the challenge tendered. The location also finds convenience to the New York to Boston railroad that runs 90 miles or 120 miles away from each other, depending on the direction.

To tag a mark of success to Mill River Golf Club, Golf Digest declared this golf trip spot as Places to Play by rating it with four stars. The magazine even advertised this golf course to the public, stating “Outstanding, plan your next vacation around it”. SCORE Golf Magazine also rated Mill River in the Top 3 Best Golf Courses in Atlantic Canada.


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