Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course

Its front nine is the reason why Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course was named ‘Meadows’. In this a challenging wide-open field, two par 3s are present, where the signature eight hole stands on an island green. Putting a dramatic contrast to the atmosphere of this golf vacation destination is the forested back nine –a queer place where one can find the rarest of creatures, including the black squirrel. Here, a game can become demanding that even seasoned golfers still get dumbfounded.

The Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course plays seemingly unique as it positions at British Columbia, where golf course settings add to the magnificence of the place. Lying at the foot of Mt. Currie, this golf vacation spot stretches vastly with 18-holes playing for par 72. Bent grass greens paint a luscious effect on the ground making players feel as if they are stepping on a green Royal carpet. The opening hole is where the toughest can be seen with a dog left par 5 featuring a tree island in the center of the fairway. That clearly spells havoc for second shots that are poorly executed because the greens here require pin point accuracy. Waters also surround to add to the challenge.

Talking about squirrels, here, there is a well-celebrated restaurant named after it, which is the Black Squirrel Restaurant. This place recently received recognition as the Pemberton’s Best New Restaurant. The food here has proves to be wonderful both by advocates and honours. In fact, Chef Ryan Leitch was given the award as Best Chef in Pemberton honours for the outstanding taste and display of the dishes. To add, this resto was also voted for giving the open part of the year, in 2009. For such golf trip location of great caliber, this restaurant at Meadows at Pemberton Golf Course seems to be modest enough to still offer affordable prices, without decreasing any of its quality.


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