TPC Canyons – Pete Dye

There is a golf vacation to “Dye” for, but it’s not as unsympathetically aggressive as most Pete Dye designed courses would demand. The TPC Canyons – Pete Dye is friendlier in nature compared to its twin course, TPC Oaks, which partners with Canyons to form a spectacular and comprehensive 36-hole layout. The reason for the modesty is pinpointed to the player consultant, Bruce Lietzke, who plays awkwardly traditional and shyly putts his way into victory, a character obvious in the layout of this course.

The par-72, 7,406-yard of TPC Canyons – Pete Dye is an old fashion golf course with a terrain that was landscaped naturally. Consistent to the uniqueness of Texas Hill Country are the environmental elements evident in this golf vacation destination. Despite the lack of stylized installations, the course still manifests the signature Dye-design, with panoramic fairways, hooding oaks and cedar trees, and a magnificent scene of the Cibolo Canyons, that seats adjacent to the resort. There is also the Scottish pot bunkers, few more wrinkles and church pew-style bunkers on par-4 that are all known styles of the renowned architect.

The course is simply a breathtakingly and resplendent view to anyone’s eye, and that’s the reason why many has transformed into its fan. TPC Canyons – Pete Dye appears to have taken advantage of the harmonious vistas with striking views including native flora draped on the rolling greens. The sight here forces old golfers into nostalgia. A golf trip is never a plain tournament feel when held in this area. Something to look forward to as a novice golfer.


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