Barton Creek Golf Resort – Crenshaw Cliffside Course

Natural beauty of the Texan Hill Country serves as the main attraction of the Barton Creek Golf Resort – Crenshaw Cliffside Course. A collaborative design by Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore, this place offers the best golf vacation with its sight of rolling hills, natural plateaus, smooth contours and indigenous vegetation that are in concordance with the playable atmosphere of the championship course. There are wide range of strategically challenging holes to delight and puts golfers to the highest of their adventure.

Crenshaw believes that the best architect is nature, and so, he and his design partner, Coore, used the natural terrain to create the magnificent layout of Barton Creek Golf Resort – Crenshaw Cliffside Course. The effect, a classical philosophy on the golf vacation destination with an obvious manifestation of the land dictating the direction of the landscape. No evidence of forced routing is in this course, with only very few artificial installations in. The environmentally patronising display has lead this course to the rate 38th among the “50 Best Courses in Texas” by Dallas Morning News.

Barton Creek Golf Resort – Crenshaw Cliffside Course withstands despite the drought in the place. The undulating greens remain luscious and it is wide open enough, making it the best place to play for a first round. With a complete golf vacation package, the area also has the best place for complete accommodation with friendly service crews that accompany guest into the satisfying amenities. This is an acreage that serves genuine service using the sincerity that nature holds. A must-go for any golfer.


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