Eagle’s Pointe Golf Club

Here is a golf vacation destination that is “fashionably sensitive but too cool to care”. Eagle’s Pointe Golf Club in Hilton Head, South Carolina is simply a fun course that stretches a short 6,780 yards at the tips, leading to 5,210 yards. The missing par 5 makes for only par 71, overall, but that doesn’t take out the enjoyment and challenge on this four tee stationed plan. More to the makings of this course are the striking personality of the magnificent scenery, shot-making challenges and a room to wale with the driver.

The intention to make this golf trip friendly to senior and women players is evident. Designer Davis Love III meticulously created the layout to hold water more than any golf course in the area can. The strategically positioned hazards exhibit Love’s signature architectural theories on Eagle’s Pointe Golf Club. There is constantly a new surprise awaiting a golf enthusiast at every corner. Some people find it even a little wicked, with hidden hazards blinding a shot. Nevertheless, it is always a playful and mischievous feel to outmatch the challenges.

Every hole in Eagle’s Pointe Golf Club is an opportunity to adjust calculations and sync strategies with the requirements of each hole. There is a huge bunker from the tee and a crowd of trees right along the edge that also requires serious tactics. Providing a little relief after is the water that frees the area leading a golfer into the sight of  rolling fairways. But the loose tension is short lived with swales that can risk a game if not utilized properly. Clearly, there is a heart racing factor in this friendly course – that makes it all the more worth the experience. Truly, it is easy to distinguish the atmosphere of this course, among many golf vacation destinations around the world.


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