Burning Ridge Golf Club

Known to have be fairly challenging, the Burning Ridge Golf Club showcases two wonderful 18-hole courses designed by the legendary Architect, Gene Hamm, in 1988. Modest rolling fairways, dominant towers of trees and tranquil unruffled lakes are the main attractions of this golf vacation destination. At the East Course is where a generous area awaits a landing, but off the tee and coddled greens are more challenges expecting for a golfer’s best skill. The classic design of this course primarily leads to its label as best Myrtle Beach golf course in 2006, and eventually the best in all of South Carolina.

With 40 to 50 sand bunkers removed during its renovation in 2004, Burning Ridge Golf Club strategically left a few behind to serve for uncontrolled drives during a raggedly configured shot. Several holes have water features made to delay access to the greens, which vibrates a players into strategy. But novices can choose to pass through the greens via the grounds, if they just want a less risky play. Nevertheless, accuracy is the basic demand of a golf trip here, with most fairways constricted by trees right in the landing, and extra rough bunkers to surmount.

The four tee boxes starts off at 4,724 yards at the front, and leads to 6,780 from the tips. That clearly obliges a great deal of calculations for all types of players. But every golfer wants that. When the approach leads to a heartbreaker, though, the redeveloped clubhouse is there to ease off any thwarting feeling, with its pro shop, grill and spacious deck. But most player gets a taste of the win, all the same, especially with the golf vacation package being very affordable compared to other destinations. That’s what Burning Ridge Golf Club is known for – all there is that’s fair – which is something that the golf sport embodies, most of all. 


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