The Golf Club at La Quinta

Sometimes the good things are just fixed on a bad time. And all it takes to correct it is a second chance timing. This has been the case of The Golf Club at La Quinta. It has been there for some time, then known as the Trilogy, but it was not until 2003 a year after it opened, that golf addicts really paid close attention to it. And soon thereafter, noticed what they have been missing all along: an unforgettable golf vacation destination.

The Golf Club at La Quinta gained momentum in the fame game when it hosted the LG Skins Game for the first time in 2003. This brought the biggest names in the game including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples and Annika Sorenstam. Although its stint at the LG Skins ended in 2006, the golf course was never the same again. It gained a large following of fans, taking their golf outings and golf vacations here more. The fans have finally seen the good features of the course that have been there all along. This is all 18-holes on more than 7,200 yards of goodness winding through and around some of the most picturesque water hazards in the area. The sand bunkers are as dramatic, and they make the perfect intro and contrast to the fairways and the rolling greens.

And the most obvious feature? The series of par-3s that only a Gary Panks could create. They make for the perfect tournament type feel even more so when played from the Skins tee. But should that be too daunting, there are several other tees to share the fun with more people. Now, how about the perfect timing for golf trips for everyone? At The Golf Club at La Quinta, anytime is a perfect time!


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