Silver Rock Resort – Arnold Palmer Classic Course

In a desert full of rocks and pebbles that are nothing more than ordinary, it would not be surprising if a shining, glimmering silver rock stands out. Thus the name is most perfect for the Silver Rock Resort – Arnold Palmer Classic Course in Pal Springs, CA. And it stands out for more reasons than one. And its merits begin with the most apparent one – this golf vacation destination carries the name of Arnold Palmer as its creator.

The Silver Rock Resort – Arnold Palmer Classic Course is the home of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic that sits on more than 500 acres of desert terrain on the Coachella Valley, right at the foot of the Santa Rosa and Coral Mountains. This fact gives the course that one of a kind, breathtaking scenery, that while every course in the area enjoys the same kind of desert views, this golf vacation favorite has it so much better being close to the mountains. And on here, it does not come short. At more than 7,500 yards from the longest tees, this Arnold Palmer handiwork is one of the longest courses on the PGA Tour.

 All the winning features of the Silver Rock Resort – Arnold Palmer Classic Course would have gone to waste if not for its even more winning conditioning. No wonder this is a standout not only among golf trip-goers, but is a definite win in America’s Best lists as well. Why, this course is already named among America’s top 10 new courses (Golf Magazine)! And everything else about it – the outdoor grill and patio, the stone clubhouse, the pleasant staff – they all make this champion course the standout that it is.


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