Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort – Legend Course

It’s one thing to have Arnold Palmer designing a golf course. It’s another to have him managing it. The Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort stands out from any golf vacation destination that Arnie has laid his hands on because while he did not do the renovation himself, he’s up there overseeing everything. The work that the Palmer Design Group did for the original Legend Course, one of the two championship courses on the resort, is just as good as anything Palmer made himself but with a little more innovation from the up and coming architects of his team.

The Legend Course was originally a William Bell layout, having been fully remodeled by Palmer’s team. Around the time Palmer started managing the Palm Springs course, the golf vacation favorite was already sporting its facelifted version. One of the biggest, most obvious changes that the course has seen was the addition of more than 40 huge, shaped bunkers. But it still carries quite a lot of the traditional desert golf layout that Bell employed on the course some fifty or so years ago. The fairways are tree lined, the greens are tricky and the undulations are quite surprising. Holes are guarded well by bunkers that now total more than 60.

Safe to say, then, that the 6,815-yard par 71 Legend Course is pretty tough and unpredictable at times. Golfers must never take it too lightly, no matter how beautiful and relaxing the surrounding areas are. The sweeping views of the desert mountains, especially, are just so distractingly gorgeous they lead golfers to thinking the games are just easy. But then again, it’s the difficulty and the fun that makes golf trips here memorable. That, and the undeniable signature of Palmer everywhere on the course.


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