Golf Club at Terra Lago – South Course

The cautious and the wise will survive the fearless. This is how things are going to be at every first round at the South Course of the Golf Club at Terra Lago in Palm Springs, California. This is that one golf trip where a golf bag armed with clubs will never be enough. Neither will guts do. What brings the good score on games played here are more the careful mind, effective techniques. Skills and guts come last. Either that, or another round.

Many critics have said that this course cannot easily be won on a first date. It requires good course knowledge to know the is and outs and every hidden element. The course is also a Ben Curley creation, like its sibling North Course. The South Course features more water elements, though not so much in number but more on size. On this particular golf vacation destination, the All-American Canal makes its zigzag way across the front nine, and making sure its presence is not merely a treat for the eyes. The front nine is made an even more interesting feature thanks to this. The back nine does not desire, either, to be sidelined. Its own version is the earthen berm dike that makes its way all through the second to the last hole.

It would be impossible to not fall in love, or merely fall for the traps, set around the more than 7,200-yard, par-72 layout. The views of the Chocolate and the Coachella Mountains will keep golfers at least feeling consoled when the first round proves disappointing on the scorecard. But the succeeding ones will always prove that practice does make perfect. Now that’s one good excuse to extend the golf vacation at the South Course!


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