Indian Wells Golf Club – Players Course

The best things in life are a perfect combination of direct opposites. The contrasting polarities, when tastefully meld together becomes a glorious spectacle. But that takes a lot of genius, patience and hardwork to achieve. It takes a good eye for detail to create an effective irony and not something that looks out of sorts. Take the Players Course of the Indian Wells Golf Club for example. This golf vacation destination is where the old meets the new; and instead of looking like a total chronological mess, it effectively takes its guests on a warp to a time and place where golf is the only thing that matters.

The Players Course of the Indian Wells Golf Club is a 1980’s original layout that was recently given a major facelift by John Fought. Fought has mixed his new concepts and made use of many of the old features of the course. The result was a perfect cocktail of some finely aged wine and something new. The course measures almost 7,400 yards from the longest tees, par 72. It features holes that are well-secluded from each other either by the mounding, bunkering, or trees old and new that Fought utilized in the design. But the best thing about the golf vacation favorite is yet to be unveiled.

Apart from the trees, flawless conditioning and maintenance and great layout that the Players Course of the Indian Wells Golf Club enjoys, the course also abounds in so much naturally beautiful surroundings. John Fought has well captured the views of the surrounding mountain ranges from any hole – and that remains uninterrupted as there is not a house in sight. In here, golf trips are really about golf trips – and only a course as good as this could transport anyone to this kind of paradise.


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