Indian Wells Golf Club – Celebrity Course

Real celebrities, they have their way of reinventing themselves time and time again. This is the only thing they could do to keep themselves in the ‘in’ crowd, to not be outdated and left behind the celebrity train. How they do it is the real deal question. Not too much a mystery, though; it only borders on two things: make themselves better or worse. In that case, the Celebrity Course of the Indian Wells Golf Club in Palm Springs, CA is every inch of a celebrity. From being a simple golf course back in the 80s, it has transformed itself into a golf vacation destination of stellar status.

The Celebrity Course of the Indian Wells Golf Club reopened in November of 2006 after the careful and magnanimous redesigning project by Clive Clark of the original 1986 East Course design by the legendary Ted Robinson. From the relatively flat course with very few striking features, Clark created a golf course that makes for interesting games. Clark filled the course with an array of huge mounds around the holes, some neat but provocative bunkering, and water features that are as beautiful as they are challenging, the golf course became golf vacation favorite.

And as with most celebrities, they cannot simply be good. They have to be even better looking. And that is, apparently, well-achieved in the part of the Celebrity Course of the Indian Wells Golf Club. The impeccably manicured greens and its planted flowers and trees blended all too well with the natural beauty surrounding it. This golf trip goodness measures 7,050 yards from the back tees, par 72, and endless fun.


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