Doral Resort – Great White Course

One of the biggest things a golf course – or anything for that matter – goes through in one’s lifetime are big changes. As for golf vacation destinations, these changes mean risks – especially if these courses were known for and regarded for being excellent just as they are. Doral Resort’s Great White Course, the Greg Norman creation, faced and conquered the same all too easily. And beautifully at that.

The Great White Course is one of the five championship golf courses at the Doral Resort. While the Blue Monster is the most well-known of the five for the PGA Tour stint, the Great White is not on the least list either. It is actually known for being the most beautiful and most unique being the only one that uses coquina shells for bunkers on every hole. The course was already known for being tough on the toughies and a fun experience for the high-handicaps. This feature was retained, and the rest made even better. Today, this golf vacation favorite is known for wide fairways bordered by hundreds of native palms, undulating greens made of prime native grass, remodeled bunkers, and water playing on all but four holes.

Measuring a whooping 7, 171 yards from the tips, the par 72 golf trip spectacle has also seen development on its drainage system. They made amends on the course’s cart paths, making the renovation even more beneficial for both the course and the player. And Greg Norman being Greg Norman, naturally, the original layout and the renovation both made very little impact environmentally. Great White Course took as much risk, and now enjoys as much benefits. This is perfectly a change for the best.


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