Doral Resort – Gold Course

Anything gold is never second best. They are at the top, always the best choice, always preferred. And that is exactly the reason why the Gold Course of the Doral Resort is called as it is. It can never be any less than the best – and that is despite being in a golf vacation destination with four other championship top-ranked courses. While it is not so much the PGA Tour fame that its sibling, the Blue Monster course, is, it has its own gold medal merits.

 The original Robert Von Hagge creation has been recreated by Raymond Floyd, making the once excellent golf course the best it has ever been. The Gold Course now features a beautiful traditional Florida layout, with gently contoured greens, strategically placed bunkers and sixteen of its eighteen holes playing on water. And because being on the top of the list means being excellent at just about everything, this golf vacation favorite went on to become excellent at being challenging and fun. The narrow, tree-lined fairways will take care of that aspect. As for the aesthetics, being in Florida and being in the Doral Resort have that department covered. Naturally.

And while the Blue Monster reaps viewers after viewers and more fans for the PGA Tour fame, the Gold is never to be easily overshadowed by it. It has its own tournament under its belt, the PGA Tour Qualifying School finals which it hosted in 1999. But more importantly, the Gold Course is a topnotch golf trip destination. It is the best and most preferred choice.


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