The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes

Tom Fazio did not become a household name overnight. He worked for it and earned it. What he is today is the result of years and years of building his name and building some of the best golf vacation destinations this generation has ever seen and played. He has long carved his legacy in his many creations. And for the one that he named to be where he gave the “most effort”, it is more than deserving to be called his Legacy – The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes.

The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes is undoubtedly one of the best anyone will ever see in the Sunshine State, and perhaps in the entire US. The course measures 7,160 yards from the longest tees, par 72. The course is said to be one that has wonderfully carried the best of man and nature – a cornucopia of lush forests, wildlife and native vegetation all worked well together under the careful, artful work of Fazio. He has so well worked on the natural environment that it earned the golf vacation favorite the only Audubon International Signature Certified Sanctuary in all of Central Florida.

 The developers and managers of the course have also not put in vain whatever hardwork Fazio has put in here. They have paired it with the best amenities and quality of services any golfer could ever ask for in a golf trip. That’s the Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes – a legacy not only to further immortalize Tom Fazio’s name in the history of golf but a model that up and coming course designers could look up to for inspiration: beauty need not come in the way of nature, and vice versa.


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