Red Tail Golf Club

When somebody says, ‘Florida is beautiful’, one would not expect anything more than a silent nod in agreement. That much is given. Even more so when people say ‘golf vacations in Florida, especially in Orlando, are even more beautiful’. Statements such as this one would very easily conjure up images of beachside golf, a lot of sand, few trees, flat layout. True, that is pretty much what Orlando golfing looks like. But much is not all; there are courses the likes of Red Tail Golf Club where a breath of fresh air is literally a breath of fresh air.

That, it owes much to the countless centenary oaks dotting the whole course. At Red Tail Golf Club, the whole length of its 7,152-yard maximum yardage, par-72 is accentuated by these beautiful trees that they have so very well preserved. As are the rest of the property. It is so well-preserved that in fact, this golf vacation destination is hailed as among Florida’s best natural setting for golf. Thanks to the genius of designer Dave Harman, the natural paradise was transformed into a golfer’s haven without so much as altering what masterpiece Mother Nature has created here. The excellent golfing is defined by the naturally rolling hills of Lake County, complimented by Harman’s links-style layout.

And to complete the golf vacation package, the Red Tail Golf Club comes with an excellent 10-acre practice facility to help perfect that swing and shot. That makes it a perfect place to warm up for a round from any of the six sets of tees at the course. When somebody says this course is ‘gorgeous’, there won’t be silent agreement. There would be a ruckus of happy and excited stories of unforgettable golfing experience here.


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