Mission Inn Resort – Las Colinas Course

Talk is cheap, that much is true. At the Las Colinas Course in Orlando’s famed Mission Inn Resort, it does take a full round of game to confirm or disprove what much – or little – has been said about this golf vacation destination.

The Las Colinas Resort, whose name translates to ‘The Hills’ in English, is actually deemed a very playable and forgiving course. That is, in comparison to its more difficult and generally tighter sibling course (and famed classic on the facility), El Campeon. But it could eat any golfer alive if they let it. This is a long-hitter’s paradise; non-long hitters must double their efforts in getting the best side of the course. But in general, when the length is not bothering the golfer, it should be a fun, memorable and scenic game. At 7230 yards from the longest tees, par 72, it could get pretty overwhelming. But there are some six sets of tees to choose from. That gives a rather different flavor to the usual Florida golf vacation experience.

 Despite its sibling course being more notably difficult, truth is, the Las Colinas Resort has its own brand of grit to boast of. It is actually named one of the Top 25 Most Challenging Courses in Central Florida. On top of that, it is BEAUTIFUL. With oak hammocks, sparkly water features, rolling hills and excellent conditioning – all of which also contribute to its being challenging, this is one golf trip that will look good in the pictures as it is in the memory. Good-looking scorecards will depend solely on one’s skills though. Thus, talk is over; let the game begin.


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