Mission Inn Resort – El Campeon Course

It would be speaking too highly to call one’s own creation ‘The Champion’ when there are easily a lot of others that could disprove that. It is ambitious and very risky. It would take a lot of guts to say so, and even more hard work to prove it over and over. But Mission Inn Resort’s El Campeon Course did this successfully. The famed golf vacation destination north of Orlando has consistently been among the top courses in the area even after countless others have mushroomed. And it has been this way since 1917.

El Campeon Course has had its share of renovations since its opening but its original beauty has graciously been retained and well-maintained. No wonder this has also remained to be a golf vacation favorite. What, with its 13 water holes, 85-foot elevation change throughout the course, and towering forests, it surely is a course to play and an even more glorious sight to behold. There are at seven sets of tees on the course to choose from, ranging from 4,811 yards the shortest, par 73, to 7003 yards the longest, par 72. That is a lot more than most other course in the country! With that many tee sets to choose from, golfers of all skill levels are sure to have a great time at this classic course, regardless of their skill level.

It must have been a great feat for designer Charles E Clarke to live up to the name he gave to the course but he achieved it. El Campeon Course is without a doubt a champion in scenery and layout quality. It would not have become a classic if it were not! And, it would not have been one of Florida’s golf trip favorites throughout the years!


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