Orange County National Golf Club – Panther Lake Course

“The best of everything” might sound a little too uppish to most people, but when the Panther Lake Course of Orange County National Golf Club makes the claim, there is much truth to it. It’s pretty accurate. Why, everything it has is at its best conditions. From the views to the layout to the conditioning, this golf vacation destination knows how to spell ‘perfection’ and ‘best’.

Scenery wise, guests at the Panther Lake Course are never shortchanged on their golf trips. Quite on the contrary in fact. This course was made without the impaling views of housing projects. There is nothing here to see but the best of what nature endowed Florida with. And if that’s not enough beauty naturelle yet, the course is for the most part, preserved natural terrain. Layout wise, golfers are taken to a golf course that spells the best in variety. The 7,350-yard layout feels tad longer for the massive distinction of one hole to another. There is just no telling what or how the next hole will be like as they go through natural oak hammocks, wetlands, other water features, and pine forests. And as for the conditioning, the newly installed Championship turf greens would very well answer any query as well as ease frowned foreheads.

The Panther Lake Course did well in making the best out of its offerings. Whilst others may be able to offer something different, or something it cannot match up to, this course promises and delivers the best of what it has. And what it has is basically what every golfer needs in a golf course. Should one expect any different for their golf vacations here?


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