Orange County National Golf Club – Crooked Cat Course

The Crooked Cat Course may sound wild and needs to be tamed. While wild may not mean crazy, cannibalistic wild, it is true that golfers can dance their own tune on this course. Golfers may choose to be as wild on their golf vacations here. This Orange County National course gives the golfers a stronger sense of freedom and yes, fun.

This golf vacation destination makes up in part the 45-hole Orange County National Golf Club. The other 18-hole facility, the Panther, is known for its tough unforgiving layout. The Crooked Cat Course, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It is more forgiving and more playable with wider fairways, fewer trees, and easier shots – NOT! The course’s easy links style course is defined by quite a lot of grassy areas that won’t make a wayward shot recovery any easier. Not to mention, there’s an incessant blowing of the Floridan wind that makes its presence felt big time. The course is actually perfect for golfers who are either having too good of a time or too serious and is inching up on their games. Either way, it will always be a crazy fun ride…every single time.

 That’s the reason why golf trips here are worth taking. It’s all 7,000++ yards of excellent golfing according to what suits one’s taste, and can be played from any of its five sets of tees. That’s the Crooked Cat Course. For something called ‘crooked’, it has gotten the path to fun the right way. But then again, it might as well be appropriate. It’s wild, it’s fun, it’s unforgettable.


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