River Run Golf Club

Real golf players make good golf course architects. While this claim may still be arguable, somewhere in Ocean City, one Player has already proven it. Gary Player has successfully transitioned from a champion golfer into a well-decorated golf course architect. The River Run Golf Club is living proof that when it comes to golf courses, players know best! This golf vacation destination is the players’ kind of haven.

Whether on a golf vacation to relax or playing to improve, the River Run Golf Club is the best location. And that is saying, handicap levels do not matter. The course plays on multiple tees, with the longest ones measuring 6,705 yards, par 72. The course poses a fair but firm challenge to golfers, especially that it has made good and optimum use of its natural terrain. It opens with a fairly open front nine, and a heavily wooded back nine, save for the more open 18th that leads to the clubhouse. Being close to the sea, many parts of the course lie on natural marshlands complimented by Player’s addition of well-shaped and strategically placed bunkers. There are some natural water features too that add more attitude to the course.

 But all these features will stand obscure next to the most famous feature of the River Run Golf Club. Everyone who has played here knows that the superstar of this course – without meaning to – are the greens. The superbly conditioned Bent grass greens have been regarded by quite a number of golfers as the fastest and best they’ve played all their lives. This further proves that players know what players want. Or in this case, Player knows what makes other players happy. And a golf trip here will cement that.




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