Heritage Shores Golf Club

The Heritage Shores Golf Club in Delaware was created for the exclusive retirement community it belongs to. It was made for the seniors who want to enjoy their almost infinite downtime, living a resort life, golf vacations on daily basis, so to speak. But this does not mean golf here is kinder and well, old. On the contrary. The Arthur Hills creation actually finds itself some huge fan following from all ages.

 And that isn’t at all surprising. There is enough reason to love this golf vacation destination. With a maximum yardage length that stretches a little over 7,000 yards, par 72, and 5 sets of tees to choose from, this place knows no age nor skill level. Anyone who wants to play is welcome to play and explore the numerous water holes. And by numerous, it actually means close to 18. On top of these water holes, Heritage Shores Golf Club accentuated its beautiful layout with undulating fairways and large, well-shaped bunkers. And that completes the package. The layout is full of the right amount of challenging and visually enhancing features that all that is left for a golfer to do is just play.

 The best part about it comes in the form of green fees. Heritage Shores Golf Club knows just how important every dollar is, and it makes it count. Every penny used on a golf trip here is as good as it actually is. With a complete platter no golfer could ever resist, there is a close to a hundred percent chance this course doesn’t grow too old too soon.


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