Deer Run Golf Club

The Deer Run Golf Club would have been Mr Congeniality in the Golf Course’s battle for the Best Golf Course in the World. Why, this course is very friendly from just about any angle. And it is not just the layout. This golf vacation destination never fails to put a smile on every visiting golfer, and it is a quality that is one for the books.

 As far as quality and excellence in layout is concerned, the Deer Run Golf Club is not in contention for America’s Top 100. It does not even have the flamboyant ‘signatures’ of the sport’s legends. But it holds a dear place in the hearts of every golfer who comes to spend golf vacations here. The amenities here as well as in the manner that they are served are just perfect examples of WARM and yes, FRIENDLY. But this has never equated to a lame layout. Designed by the Whole-in-One team of designers, this par-70 course measures a little over 6,100 yards and can be played from four different sets of tees. The team has built a challenging course that plays fast, making shot accuracy and A-grade club selection necessary. Large shaped bunkers guard the greens as well, makes for some second thought before each shot. The holes are set at varied lengths making it surprising at the least, dynamic at best.

Acres of stunning lakes contribute to the scenic quality of the Deer Run Golf Club. And the putting greens and other practice facilities make it even more excellent. Nothing makes golfing a more comfortable activity than this. It is so cozy it is every golfer’s bestfriend in the east – the kind that’s definitely worth going on a golf trip to.


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