Bayside Resort Golf Club

When Jack Nicklaus brought his genius to the Delaware area, it was as if he planned for himself to play the role of a spotlight and the Delaware beauty was to be the star. But Nicklaus, being himself, he will always be a golf course designer. So his layout did not merely make a good picture frame where nature’s splendor was to be gazed upon; Nicklaus created one of the best golf vacation destinations this side of the country that is set upon the best of nature in Delaware: Bayside Resort Golf Club.

The 18-hole, par 72 championship golf spectacle has stunning views of well preserved natural marshlands, thick woodlands, meadows, and a most incomparable view of the Assawoman Bay Coastline. And that alone is enough to get the golfers’ heartbeats fluctuating. It is simply stunning beyond comprehension. Needless to say, this feature becomes more a distraction in the course of the game – and that alone is a legitimate challenge. But knowing Nicklaus, the challenge cannot simply stop there. Nicklaus’ signature features of pot bunkers and well-placed holes combine with the pines and natural water hazards in the property to bring the challenge at the Bayside Resort Golf Club a notch or two higher. At more than 7,000-yards of that caliber of golf, every golfer here is in for something huge should they take a turn for their golf trip headed hereabouts.

In addition to that, the Bayside Resort Golf Club also features an excellent practice facility that will help ensure that Nicklaus is not the only genius in the game to come around. Nicklaus has planned and executed this creation so well that in every golf vacation here, happy and contented golfers are the highlight.


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