Windswept Dunes Golf Club

Windswept Dunes Golf Club is a living irony of sorts. With what little is done, much was achieved. And with this “much” achieved, excessive in most everything, it is just right. The features of this golf course are surprisingly interesting, a most perfect and welcome breather from the usual Florida golf vacations.

Doug O’Rourke designed this golf course with a goal in mind: to make the littlest amount of interruption on the natural vegetation and topography of the area. And the result is wild: miles and miles of natural sand dunes with some measuring twenty feet tall, huge rolling fairways, and bunkers that are a work of art in themselves. All that is spread on 750 acres of paradise, with tees measuring a whooping 7,607 yards from the longest ones – if that is not one big course, then anything else smaller than this is a mere miniature version. Featuring six sets of tees, the Windswept Dunes Golf Club is made for those golf vacations of the most epic proportions.

The best thing about it, as if everything else about it is less than grand, is that it is well secluded from the usual Florida tourist hubs that are mostly overcrowded, to say the least. This gives golf trips here a private, exclusive feel, without being worlds away from civilization. As a matter of fact, the Windswept Dunes Golf Club is a mere thirty-minute drive from the beaches of Panama City and Destin. Far enough for comfort, close enough for convenience. True, it is excessive on more things than expected, a little wild for one that’s tamed by human hands, but surprisingly, its excesses work on it just right.


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