Raven Golf Club at Sandestin Resort

Sandestin Resort is known as one of Northwestern Florida’s best vacation facilities. Amongst its most celebrated features are the four championship golf courses, at par with all the biggest and most popular golf vacation destinations in the Sunshine State. One of these four courses is a Robert Trent Jones Sr creation, the Raven Golf Club, and ranks among the most beautiful in the country.

At 6,900 yards, par 71, the Raven Golf Club has more for the golfers too see and ‘feel’ than most any other courses its size. Jones Sr described his creation as a “true modern traditional”, winding along natural wetlands, a lot of water, a generous helping of bunkers, and pines lining the tight fairways. This takes the golfers to an entanglement of colors and textures, spread on undulating greens, making it very interesting and challenging. Each hole has a distinct attitude, and has an overall requirement for shot precision and excellent club selection. And it is the same from either one of its four sets of tees. This quality of the course also makes it a sight to behold – something that seems carved by Mother Nature herself, making it quite the golf vacation with the complete package.

 There is not much question neither surprise at the fact that the Raven Golf Club is highly recognized and well awarded. It was once hailed as the No. 1 Golf Course in Northwestern Florida (Florida Golf News, 2003), No. 14 Best Golf Courses Near You (Golf Magazine, 2008) and No. 39 Best Tour Courses You Can Play (Golfweek,2008). That said, there is not room for questions either why this is a favorite for golf trips.


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