Hombre Golf Club

The nines at the Hombre Golf Club are called the “Good”, the “Bad”, and the “Ugly”. But it seems as though there is some sort of miscommunication here. This is one golf vacation destination that is too good to be bad, too beautiful to be ugly, and too superb to be just “good”.

Originally, the Hombre Golf Club opened with just two nines, the “Bad” and the “Ugly”. It was the site of the first PGA Tour event it hosted (Panama City Beach Classic, 1990). In 2001, the “Good” 3,170 yard- nine was added. Today, it is all 27-holes of challenging golf considered to be among Florida’s best. These holes meander through natural wetlands, marshlands, lakes and preserves accentuated by an abundance of palms, pines, and azaleas. With water playing on 21 of 27 holes, three 18-hole combination for choices, and an unparalleled scenery, this is quite a golf trip too good for words.

Golfers of all skill levels would find themselves entangled in a myriad of hazards that would try to block their every attempt at a low score. Its four sets of tees only vary in yardage, not in the level of difficulty. When the situation calls for professional intervention, the Golf Academy at Hombre Golf Club is always open. Only a top ranked golf academy like this one (One of the nation’s Top 25) could match a course of this caliber. So where does the “Good”, the “Bad” and the “Ugly” fit in the description? Only when the golfer is looking for a golf vacation that is all too simple, too easy that a challenging course such as this would be hellish.



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