Baytowne Golf Club at Sandestin Resort

Baytowne Golf Club at Sandestin Resort belongs to a family of achievers. Together with its more popular sibling courses, the Raven and the Burnt Pine, they make up one of the most elite golf vacation destinations in the Northwestern Florida area. To be in this position means to be nowhere near mediocre. The Raven and the Burnt Pine are living up to it; thankfully, the Baytowne is too.

Measuring a good 6,805 yards from the tips, and playing for a par of 71, this 18-hole spectacle is an excellent combination of natural beauty and human genius. The holes are placed to take the golfers around pines, water features, to the beach and all through the bay. The Baytowne Golf Club at Sandestin Resort also has some rare elevation changes unknown to most courses in the area. The fairways are mostly generous, but becomes tight at the most unexpected points. There are four sets of tees, and the recent addition of Junior Tees, to make golf vacations hereabouts enjoyable for everyone including the younger golfers.

Originally a Tom Jackson design, the Baytowne Golf Club at Sandestin Resort has undergone a massive renovation in 2005 to keep up with the standards. But that is not saying it was bad in the past. In fact, Baytowne has quite a reputation of its own prior the renovation, and it is a good one. It holds four stars and four and a half stars then and now from Golf Digest’s Places To Play, and was once on Florida’s Top 100 according to Florida Golf News (2001). That goes without saying golf trips here are nowhere near mediocre, or boring.


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