Sawgrass Country Club

The Sawgrass Country Club is not exactly the newest thing in the Northeast Coastal Florida golfing scene. In fact, there’s nothing new about it at all. It is still the 27-hole premier golf vacation destination that has long been serving Florida locals and tourists with a unique blend of beauty and thrill in its layout. It is still the good, old time favorite, well on its way to becoming a true classic.

Three nines of the Sawgrass Country Club – The South Course, The East Course, and The West Course – combine for a total of 10,340 yards, and plays for a par of 72. This Ed Seay creation has long been the frontrunner in Florida’s premier of the premier. It was the original “home” of the Players Championship (the East-West combination), playing host to this top-gun tournament from 1977 through 1981, and is easily among the top golf vacation spots, having been ranked among Golf Digest’s Top 28 Best Courses in the Country.

And not surprisingly so. The Sawgrass Country Club of today is still characterized by heavily-guarded greens, tight galleries with a good helping of pines and palms, and a lot of water in the holes. And by a LOT, it actually means water play on all but three of the 27 holes. And that comes with wind consistently blowing – a treacherous kiss to challenge any good golfer’s game and resolve. Everything that the golfing world enjoyed several decades ago in their golf trips hereabouts are the very same timeless features that continue to wow the golfers old and new.


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