Cocoa Beach Country Club

A paradise for wildlife as much as it is for golfers, the Cocoa Beach Country Club is a spectacle of excellent layout design meshing harmoniously with nature. The 27-hole golfing facility is located in a peninsula surrounded by the Banana River, and is dotted with about twenty or so stunning lakes. This makes it very attractive to and a perfect sanctuary for waterfowls, other birds, dolphins, alligators, turtles, and raccoons. The golf vacation destination brings out the nature lover in every golfer, and at the same time brings an entirely different experience to the usual Florida golfing.

The Cocoa Beach Country Club has three separate nines – The River, the Dolphin, and the Lakes, that can be played in a variety of combinations. Each pair will be totally different from the other, giving golfers a plethora of golfing experience in a single golf vacation. The most favorite pair of nines hereabouts is that of the Lakes and Dolphin. The holes on the course are named after the predominant species of waterfowls in the area, making each shot extra memorable.

An array of other world-class amenities, including state-of-the-art practice facilities and a gastronomic indulgence at the “19th hole”, complement what is already unquestionably impressive at the Cocoa Beach Country Club. The tennis and clay courts and the Olympic-sized pool make extends the golf trip invite to non golfers as well. And if that is not fabulous an offer yet, the course is a mere 45-minute drive from downtown Orlando, and an even shorter distance from the famed Space Coast. This makes the Cocoa Beach a paradise for just about anybody ready for large doses of good time.


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