Grand Palms Golf and Spa Resort

Florida is known to be an American tropical paradise. Thoughts of vacations in the Sunshine State are made of a thousand palm trees, the best sunshine, and the most abundant outgrowth of tropical vegetation. These are also some of the qualities that make Florida golf vacations extra beautiful and unique. While some golf resorts promise the most exquisite, most complete golf paradise, others stop there ā€“ with the promise. Fortunately, though, there are those that actually deliver an unforgettable, uniquely Florida tropical golf escapade; and such is the Grand Palms Golf and Spa Resort.

Seated in a lush, 500-acre tropical haven in Pembroke Pines, the Grand Palms Golf and Spa Resort is a world-class vacation destination made of facilities and services fit for royalty. Even more so than anyone else, the golf vacation destination is a wonderland for golfers who want nothing more for their Florida getaway than the best golf they can have. The resort offers three nine-hole courses, Grand, Royal, and Sabal nines ā€“ all three allowing the golfers to mix and match the nines for a unique game everytime. Golfers, skill levels regardless, would definitely find something amusing, challenging, playable and beautiful about this 27-hole paradise, and they could only wish they have forever to do it over and over.

This fun-challenge play of the Grand Palms Golf and Spa Resort are complemented by its many other features, including more than a thousand palm trees, stunning water hazards, the best grass carpeting on the greens, excellent conditioning and maintenance and an even better practice facility. Vacationers on the lookout for the most authentic Florida golf trips will find exactly what they are looking for here.


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