Hillcrest Golf Club

If there is one word that could possible surpass the grandeur of the word “classic” to describe a golf course, that word would perhaps be perfectly designated to Hillcrest Golf Club. The famed golf vacation destination situated between Fort Lauderdale and Miami in the Sunshine State was once a classic that’s been given a face lift. And the result does not come short of superb, it may as well be called a “classic-er”, better than classic, at that.

The Hillcrest Golf Club is a timeless piece first opened in the 1960’s, an exquisite Von Hagge/Devlin design that has been among the best courses of South Florida. To keep it up to date, the management hired the services of the renowned designer, Joe Lee, in 2001 for remodeling. Joe Lee, being a true artist and a genius at that, managed to maintain the course’s classic beauty whilst adding his own touch to it, thereby escalating the already high standards of the course. Lee added more than a hundred bunkers, new water features, and improved the tee boxes to the course laden with a variety of mature trees. The result is a golf vacation paradise for any golfer.

And that is any golfer, considering the Hillcrest Golf Club has four sets of tees playing up t 7,076 yards from the longest tees. It’s a golf course that could entice and challenge a pro, but keep the novice golfer amused; impress the traditional golfers and fascinate the new-age non-conservative ones. And all that are the makings of a true classic; after all that has been said, it must be safe to say of this golf trip favorite that it is a classic on its way to becoming a bigger, better classic.


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