Brudenell River Golf Club

Aging may be an inevitable part of life and there’s no way to counter it – unless there exists a real-life Benjamin Button. The only thing to be done with it is to accept it, and for the rare few and blessed ones, they age rather gracefully. This is how the Brudenell River Golf Club is. The 4-decade old golf vacation destination has long since been on the top list of the most beautiful golf courses in the scenic Prince Edward Island in Canada.

The island is a place known for having some of the best courses in Canada and in North America and Brudenell River Golf Club is just one of them. The garden and river course has all the makings of a classic paradise of sorts. It has broad fairways, perfectly manicured greens and many picturesque gardens, lakes and ponds. The river comes into play on several holes, making the game both fun, challenging, and of course, scenic. Proof to its excellence is its being host to Canada’s first ever women’s “skins” game (Lorie Kane Island Challenge 2008) and a number of other Canadian Tour events. This further proves that this course is not only perfect for golf vacations but for golf championships as well.

The 18-hole, par-72 course which stretches to over 6000 yards has a 4-star rating from Golf Digest’s Places to Play and is in SCORE Golf Magazine’s Top 6 Canadian Resorts. Since 1969 when it first opened to this very day, the Brudenell River Golf Club has not failed to make precious every golf trip spent here. And it continues to be one of the best, age regardless. The last 40 years has seen its prime, and another 40 would surely not faze it.


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