Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico

A champion knows a good golf course by heart; a legend lives it. When Jack Nicklaus creates a golf course, the years of passionate love affair with the sport and the excellence that he gives in all of those years as a champion. A golf course bearing his name surely bears his attitudes towards golf. Just like his signature nine at the Puerto Los Cabos Resort at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja in the California Peninsula. If golfers think having a Nicklaus design in a resort couldn’t get any better, the golf vacation destination just took it a notch higher: THE OTHER NINE IN THE 18-HOLE FACILITY WAS MADE BY THE GREG NORMAN, no less.

The two signature nines of Puerto Los Cabos– the front being Norman’s and the back being Nicklaus’ – are the cream of the resort’s crop. Apart from them being the brainchild of the two legendary golfers, they are also part of a huge resort/residential facility fronting the ocean. It is a picturesque paradise made for golf vacations on a daily basis. Though both nines are created by equally legendary players/course designers, there is nothing similar about the two courses except that they both promote a kind of game worthy of championships.

On top of all that, the courses are serviced by a 40,000 square foot clubhouse, not to mention the sweeping vistas of the Mexican shoreline. The designers of Puerto Los Cabos have created their respective nines with the purpose of maintaining – if not bringing out – the place’s natural splendor. And it shows the kind of champions they are: they bring out the best in this place, as well as each golfer who embarks on a golf trip hereabouts.






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