Eagle’s Landing Golf Course

As Maryland’s first member of the Audobon Cooperative Sanctuary, avid golfers and nature lovers alike would understandably have high hopes for Eagle’s Landing Golf Course. Fortunately, or rather naturally, it delivered. It is home to various species of birds and other wildlife, and has taken well care of the natural ecosystems in the area. It is bringing nature at its best, while serving as one of Maryland’s top golf vacation destinations.

Apart from being a perfect retreat for golfers of all handicaps, the natural inhabitants of the Assateague Island National shore, along the picturesque Sinepuxent Bay, finds retreat in this nature-friendly course. The management of Eagle’s Landing Golf Course has taken up rapid measures in keeping it as eco-friendly as possible without jeopardizing the quality of game the golfers could get here. Testament to it is the extremely challenging, sweat-inducing par-4 closing hole. It’s monicker, “Beast of the East” says it all. It’s surrounded by marshes, and has a small landing area off the tees. Nothing can get more perfect a finale for a golf trip than this.

If that was the perfect finishing touch, the surrounding scenery are the perfect backdrop. It is a cornucopia of sea, sand and sky. The beautiful, well manicured greens go with it just as perfectly too. And with its 4 sets of tees, fairly challenging game, hospitable service, and world-class amenities, the Eagle’s Landing Golf Course is a natural at making the best and most lasting memories out of every golf vacation here.


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