Osprey Cove Golf Club

When Golf Digest labeled this a “Must Play Within 100 miles”, there was much buzz about this course and the question arose as to whether this course is actually worth the extra miles. After all, Jekyll Island has quite a lot of courses to offer. Sometime in the distant past, Osprey Cove Golf Club has once carried the honor and burden of being the best course in southern Georgia but the change in management has caused its ranking to go down a few notches and almost was fatal to the course. But it has survived, and continues to thrive and a golf trip hereabouts will prove that it is slowly making its way back up.

The design of Osprey Cove Golf Club displays a balance of outland and inland holes together with two separate nines that show alluring views of the open intercoastal marsh early on before turning toward the landlocked part of the place. The practice range was completely overhauled that now includes a new putting and chipping green. Taking a golf trip to this course integrates the traditional elements of strategy, balance, variety, and surprise. Its aesthetic beauty is hard to miss. It gives the guests the urge to play on this course forever.

With the support of several golf organizations to restore the course’s name, Osprey Cove Golf Club makes it difficult for the visitors to leave unimpressed. The club was updated and a new River Club was developed. Revisiting this club’s new golf vacation amenities will indisputably surprise the visitors especially the old golfers.


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