Healy Point Golf Club

Golf champions spend a lot of time on the golf course. Golf legends spend more. It is therefore out of the question whether or not a golf legend knows what makes a good golf course. And Gary Player, being the legend that he is, definitely knows by heart what an excellent golf course is – and how to create them. The Healy Point Golf Club in Macon, GA is proof. It is an epitome of golf living – one golf vacation after another and the fun never gets old.

The medium length 18-hole regulation course opened in 1972 and has since been the favored course in Macon. It is the only Gary Player signature design in Middle Georgia – but it’s only fitting, a most perfect centerpiece for the state of Georgia. Player knows that the greatness of a course relies majorly on the perfect blending of challenge and fun. And he has achieved this all too perfectly at the Healy Point Golf Club. Golfers find the course’s tight fairways, undulating greens, and considerable elevation changes challenging enough to be difficult, but not too daunting to ruin the golfer’s game altogether. The course, which measures 6,714 yards from the longest tees, has five sets of tees to accommodate players of all handicaps. It is the ideal golf vacation destination for golfers who want nothing more than just golf.

Gary Player hasn’t spent all those days and endless days at the golf course for nothing. It helped mold him to become the legend that he is, both as a player and as a course designer. And the Healy Point Golf Course delivers – best for both golf trips and regular games. And it’s only logical: only a legendary designer can bring about a legendary course.


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