Flat Creek Country Club

Flat Creek Country Club can be defined by the numbers: 27 holes, 1 place, 43 years of excellence. But it can never fully sum up the quality of golf vacation it could offer, unless experienced firsthand.

 The classic Joe Lee design meanders through the Georgia forest and offers a spectacular game of golf three ways. The three nines on the course, Old Mill, Homestead, and Graveyard, can be played either by the nines, or in 2-course 18-hole combinations. The Homestead course is the longest of the three nines, and could be played with either Old Mill or Graveyard nine. The Homestead/Old Mill combo could stretch to 6,736 yards from the longest tees, while Homestead/Graveyard could go as far as 6,731 yards. Old Mill and Graveyard nines could also be played together, and could stretch to as far as 6,707 yards from the longest tees. Whether played as individual nines, or as pairs, each game at the Flat Creek Country Club will always be distinct from the others, thereby making one’s golf trip here feel like being in 3 places at one time.

The course is also a complete golf vacation destination – with amenities and sports facilities that would make each guest not want or look for more elsewhere. Flat Creek Country Club can be defined by the numbers, yes. But perhaps, the only number that could fully tell how great it is are the number of golfers who have fallen in love with it, and the number of times they have played this course over and over without getting sick of it, for the last four decades.


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