Eagle Watch Golf Club

A truly great golf course is not fazed by the years of wear and tear to come. Rather, it would delight in the glory of the days to come, as it watches itself rise to becoming better and better with each passing year. This is how it becomes a classic. And it takes a true genius to build one. This is what Arnold Palmer’s Eagle Watch Golf Club is becoming. It is more than a course, more than a golf vacation destination. It is a legend waiting to unfold.

21 years since it opened is merely a number. Like an elegant lady aging gracefully, Eagle Watch Golf Club in Woodstock, GA is becoming more beautiful through the years. Arnold Palmer did a great job in transforming the Georgia forest into a golfer’s paradise. The golf vacation favorite features tree lined fairways and several man-made ponds that make the course both beautiful and fun – not to mention, challenging. The course’s 18 holes winds through a valley, its 18-holes is spread across 6.896 yards of golf. Four sets of tees give the course a variation that’s perfect for golfers of different skill levels.

The par-72 Eagle Watch Golf Club is truly on its way to becoming Georgia’s best golf courses of all time. It receives a lot of praise and love from regular locals and visiting golf trip aficionados alike for being what it is. 21 years has passed, and it’s become more beautiful. And 21 or even more years to come, one could only imagine how much more beautiful it could be. It’s a timeless beauty, and it will reign supreme among the supreme golf course of Georgia.


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