Improving Your Golf Swing Plane through Your Stance

Most of the golfers, if not all would want to further improve on their golf swing plane. Majority of them have applied various instructions in order to master the perfect swings. Others hired the finest instructors to teach them the secrets. But many of them prospered because of hard work and perseverance and not mainly because of getting the finest assistance. What golfers do not understand that one important key in getting a desirable golf swing plane is through the stance. You only need to understand the basics since everything starts there.

Basically, in the game of golf, there are two schools of thoughts that offer two opposing ideas. There are golfers who believe that in order to achieve that perfect swing; you need to have the strong and balanced stance. And in order to achieve this, you need to have the wide stances that would resemble the triangle when getting to your driver. This is the first idea. But others also believe that narrow stances will give you more power and more control. Also, the latter position will provide you with more stability since both of your legs are straighter. This is the second idea.

But one interesting point here is this; the wider stance the more prone the golfer will have the hip or back injuries. It also causes the reverse tilting of your golf swing plane. One thing that you can do about these two ideas is to try both ways and find out what will work for you. It is good to work things out to find a suitable stance that will give you a powerful and winning swing. If you already know what kind of stance suits you, then do not wait for another idea to emerge. Stick to that and you will become a successful golfer.


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