Basic Rules to Consider in Your First Golf Round

Consider these few simple reminders before heading your way to greens for your very first golf round. These are just some of the basics but mind you, forgetting one of these can place you in an awkward hot spot.

Rule #1: Wear the appropriate dress code.

Most of the golf courses these days already follow a certain golf dress code. It is but proper for you to find out the appropriate dress code for the competition. Golf shoes and other accessories are usually not required but it may be best to check beforehand.

Rule#2: Have the complete set of golf equipments.

The rule in golf regarding golf clubs is that each player is only allowed to carry to maximum of 14 clubs on the golf bag. However, you are given the option to carry lesser clubs as long as you have everything in place to complete a golf round. Borrowing of golf clubs can be permissible at certain times under certain circumstances, but it is completely against the rules for the majority.

Rule #3: Reserve a Tee Time if possible.

If you want to hit the greens on a specific time, it may be best that you book ahead of time especially during the holidays where people often flock the golf resorts. And as much as possible, get to the course ahead of the reserved time in order to avoid any forfeiture. If you still have time before the scheduled golf round, try to hit the driving range and warm up those swings.

Rule #4: Always follow the tee markers.

When you are already on the teeing ground, make sure that you set the golf ball in between the tee markers or two club lengths at most behind the markers. Never place the golf balls in front of the markers. The color of the markers would depend on which tee you are playing. If you play from the white tees, then you should look for the white markers.

Rule #5: Never attempt to pick the ball unless you are certain that it is allowed.

The basics of golf revolve around the idea of “play as it lies”. This means that you are not allowed to pick or touch the ball no matter what state the golf ball is in. Play it as is. Unless stated on the rules, do not move the ball. One exception is that you are only allowed to pick the golf ball when it is on the layout’s putting green.


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