Things to Consider During a Golf Round

When you are already in the greens taking a round of golf, there are simple things that you must always bear in mind aside from the golf basics.

First, keep up the pace when already in play. Slow play, especially for the beginners, has always been a primary issue on golf courses. Of course, you do not have to keep golfers that are behind you waiting until you take your shot. Same goes the other way around. As much as possible, always be prepared when it is already your turn. While other players are still hitting, determine ahead of time which kind of golf club to use.

Second, beware of the water hazards while on play. Usually, water hazards are marked with the yellow stakes or lines. When you see the red stakes or lines, those are indications of a lateral water hazard that runs alongside and not across the line of play. Playing a golf ball that is already in the water is definitely a bad idea. What you can do instead is to have the 1-stroke penalty and take another shot on the line where you are allowed to drop the ball.

And lastly, always observe course care and safety. As a golfer, it is part of your responsibility to take good care of the golf course where you are playing. If you are using the golf cart, make sure to follow the posted cart rules. As much as possible keep the cart on the designated cart paths at all times as these carts can damage the grass. Avoid driving a golf cart through a hazard or 50 yards within a putting green. When hitting the sand bunkers, always rake the sand after the hit. And see to it that you repair your fairway divots as well as your pitch marks on the green.

Before taking a swing, become aware of the people around you as golf clubs as well as golf balls can also do some serious damage once they strike a person. Make sure that before you play your shot, the group ahead of you is already out of range.


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