The Basics of Golf Cart Safety

Most of the on-course mishaps have something to do with golf carts. That is why golf cart drivers must bear in mind that driving on the cart paths is just the same as driving on the real roads. Presence of mind is necessary.

Here are some of the basic guidelines for golf cart safety on the golf course:

  1. Before driving around the entire golf course, read over the safety guidelines placed on the golf carts. And as much as possible, observe each of the rules.
  2. When inside a moving golf cart, see to it that your arms and legs are inside the cart.
  3. Do not over speed. Remember, golf carts are not equipped with safety belts. Attempting to take the sharp curves at a top speed can end up having someone being thrown out from the cart.
  4. Always keep your eyes on the cart path. The golf course is often highlighted by tall trees and palms and that falling debris can get into the path. And if you are not that keen, depending on what is on the road can be very dangerous.
  5. Before stepping into the accelerator, make sure that everybody on board is already seated.
  6. Always watch out for any bottlenecks or intersections on the course in order to avoid colliding with another golf cart.
  7. In order to avoid damages on the golf cart as well as jeopardize your safety, use the golf carts on the intended places only.
  8. Since the golf carts are only intended for golf course purposes only, never use them for a joy ride.

These guidelines are very simple that even the young ones can clearly understand. You only need to observe each of the above mentioned guidelines and you can already enjoy a great golf round.


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