Quick Points to Consider in Handling Difficult Golf Shots

In the game of golf, shots can vary in terms of difficulty level. Of course this would depend on the factors that contributing to the complexity of the each hole. Among the many factors that add up to difficult golf shots are the wind and bunkers. As a golfer, you need to know how to overcome these two things in order to have a rewarding golf round.

Let us first consider the bunkers. Dealing with the bunkers on any golf course is just like taking any other kind of shot whether on the greens or fairways. The very thing that makes the bunker quite intimidating is that they have the sands all over the place. A professional golfer once said that, “what makes the sand bunker different is its color and texture. If the sand would have been colored green then golfers would not find each shot very difficult.” It is true. If you consider these bunkers as one of the greens then you can deal with them the uncomplicated way. You only need to master the kind of swings that each shot would require. Once you are already familiar with the kind of swing that you are going to in order to get the ball out of the sand bunkers then it would be easier.

Another factor that you have to deal with is the wind. The key here is to make use of the wind to your advantage. During the golf game, if the wind is blowing towards you, try using the longer clubs when taking shots. Also, make sure that you widen your stance for the purpose of stabilization. As much as possible, limit your weight shifts during the swing and add more weight on your front foot. If on the other hand the wind blows behind you, use the shorter clubs.


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