How to Deal with Golf Swings During a Cold Weather

Unlike any fine day at the golf course, a cold weather can affect your golf game. Since the cold air is heavy, it will create more resistance to the golf ball’s flight. This will then naturally encourage every golfer to swing harder leaving each golfer a room for more errors.

Here are some pointers on how to go about your golf game during the cold weather:

First, try to protect your body from the cold weather. See to it that your head, feet, and hands are warm enough to keep you going. Also make sure that your equipments are in good condition in order to keep your tempo while on play. Using a golf club that is not in its perfect condition can affect your concentration as well as focus.

Second, see to it that your shoulders have the correct set up during address as this will encourage a good shoulder motion during every swing. At your starting position, make sure that your right shoulder is slightly lower than your left shoulder. The right arm must be relaxed and that your elbow is gently tucked. This position will now allow you to have your left control the takeaway. Always remember that in golf, the right follows and the left leads.

Third, never pass the ball with your right shoulder. The right shoulder’s position must not be high enough through the hitting area. This will allow you to have the uppercut type blow that is better than having the golf ball with the roundhouse spinning motion.

Fourth, it is best that every golfer should gear their swings toward a lower trajectory ball flight. The arc of the swing plane must be shallow and position the ball slightly in your stance’s back. This will allow the golf club’s head to come in contact with the ball properly.

And lastly, never take reckless swings just to counteract the cold weather. Consider the proper stances that can work to your advantage.


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