Golf Hooks

A hook shot in golf is a kind of shot that starts from the right of the target and curves back severely to the left portion of the target of a right-handed golfer. This kind of shot is a result when a golfer’s body is aligned too far from the target’s right portion. Another type of hook shot is the pull hook that starts from the left of the target and curves farther left. The latter shot is said to be the result of a strong grip that is rotated far enough to the right on the golf club grip. That is why at the point of impact; the club’s face is excessively closed resulting to the ball’s counter-clockwise spin.

Here are some of the techniques on how to deal with the golf hook and pull hook when playing golf:

First, see to it that your alignment is parallel to your target line. Try to visualize if possible. Thinking that you are standing on a railway can somehow help you with the visualization.

Second, make sure that you have the neutral grip, not too loose or too tight.

Third, make a swing all the way down to the target line and not the out-to-in ball flight.

And lastly, always ensure that the club face of your golf club is square during the impact. Before hitting the greens, take some time practicing at the driving range in order to check the consistency of your club’s face position.

4. Ensure that your club face is square at impact – perform a few practice swings to check club face position.

These simple techniques are easy to follow. You only need to master your golf swinging skills in order to succeed and prosper in golfing.


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