How to Deal With Trouble Shots in Golf

Every golfer has to deal with various challenges when hitting the greens. And dealing with the trouble shots are among the golfing tests that a golfer must defy if one would want a successful golf round. Here are some of the common trouble shots that you may encounter when playing golf and how you can get through them the uncomplicated way.

Not all golf courses are flat. In fact, most of the layouts are hilly. When playing the downhill, sidehill, and uphill lies, always take note where the golf club is hitting the ground. The general rule here is to position your golf ball about the center of the higher foot for the uphill lie and in the stance nearer your higher foot when dealing with the downhill lie. And from the sidehills, golfers normally have the ball position at the left center. To really come up with effective hilly shots, try to practice from any position to determine what really works for you.

Another thing that you have to deal with at the greens is the deep rough. In order to take the golf ball out of the roughs, it might be best that you use the more lofted clubs. The #5, #6, and #7 will work if you want to work out a long distance left. At the green, try working with the 9-iron or the wedge. The key here is that these lofted clubs can lift the golf ball out of the rough effectively with the right techniques and delivery.

In dealing with putting in golf, the key is to combine the putt’s distance and the putt’s direction. The only thing that you need to keep on learning here is to hit the golf ball at the right distance as rolling the golf ball on line can be fairly automatic even for the beginners. When making the practice stroke, always take note of the force exerted on each hit and then try to duplicate that kind of stroke when already dealing with the actual putt.

These are just some of the many golf tests that a golfer can encounter on the golf course. The secret to overcoming each challenge on the layout is to master the kind of strokes for each kind of shot. And in order to master your strokes, keep on practicing.


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