How to Get Rid of Your First Tee Nerves

The game of golf is not just a physical test but also a mental ordeal. That is why it is very important that you compose yourself before heading your way to the greens and take the challenges of the bunkers, fairways, and the various hazards. Any negative feelings on the golf course can get yourself into a fearful or nervous state and contribute to the build-up of tension.

Consider these helpful pointers on how to get rid of your first tee nerves:

Pointer #1: Try to verify your feelings. If you started the game with the cycle of negativity, it will eventually influence the entire game. You do have almost all the feelings that are associated with failure, and your mind, powerful it is, can support these feelings.

Pointer #2: Develop a positive self talk. It is a fact that whatever it is that you tell yourself, your subconscious mind acknowledges it. The whole thing will then manipulate your performance. That is it very important that you make a conscious effort to stop having the negative self talk.

Pointer #3: Take your time before taking the first shot. Do not try to hurry things especially when you are not yet composed. If for instance you approach the first tee with an anxious feeling, deal with the feeling first. Deciding to take the shot right away may not be a good idea since being worried often gives rise to poorly executed shots.

Pointer #4: Learn how to compose yourself during a golf game. First, take a deep breath and make sure that your shoulders are relaxed. Then try to focus. After getting the needed composure, you need to visualize where you would want the ball to end up and culminate with a follow through.

For the budding golfers, it is but normal to feel nervous especially with your first few games. But everything is part of the game. You only need to come up with an effective solution on how to go about the first tee nerves. Try to apply the above mentioned pointers and see where the game of golf will take you.


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