How to Get Tension-Free Swings

Building up of tensions on your body during a golf game can be very alarming. It can rob you off with the motion that you will need in order to get a good swing. However, this can be avoided even before you take your first shot.

Here are some techniques on how to get rid of tension when making the swings:

First, check your grip. It has been said that the common cause of tension rests in the grip. A grip on the golf club that is too tight can create an unnecessary tension that can cripple your body. From the grip, it goes up to the arms, then through the shoulders, all the way down to the legs. However, in some cases, a good golf grip can go along well with a tight grip.

Second, check your posture. A bad posture can cause tension. Always see to it that both feet are not too far apart and that the weight must be evenly distributed on the inside. Your back must be straight as well as forwardly tilted from the hips and the knees flexed.

Third, check the ball placement. Make sure that the ball is not too far from the body. If you will try to hit a ball that is way too far, the tendency is to move your weight to move forward thus creating an off-balanced and blocking motion.

And lastly, check your shoulder movement. When making a full swing, see to it that your shoulders make a sound full turn. A limited shoulder turn often leads to a fast and short backswing that would eventually destroy your tempo.

Before hitting the greens for a good golf game, make sure that you are not just physically prepared but mentally ready as well. Presence of mind is necessary and that needless thoughts must be avoided at all times in order to concentrate on your game.


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