Points To Consider When Playing Golf

The game of golf can be quite complicated especially when you lack the knowledge about the basics. Even though a budding golfer were to learn the book of golf rules and practices incessantly, chances are, he will still be heading to the greens unprepared. This is because the game of golf also sticks to unwritten rules that are seemingly as important to the printed ones.

Here are some of the points to consider when playing golf:

  • Understand the golf rules. Knowledge on the rules of the game can save you from any embarrassment. If you are not familiar with the rules, comprehending the etiquette may also seem difficult. As a budding golfer, it may be best that you seek professional guidance.
  • Be a sportsman. Just like any sports, golf also requires a positive attitude in order to successfully overcome the challenges without having to deal with too much stress. Just bear in mind that every golfer, regardless of ability level, has to deal with bad shots when playing. The key here is to control your temper so that the game will not make you down.
  • Dealing with bunkers may seem a huge inconvenience. However, part of the etiquette would require that after you get your golf ball out of the sand bunkers, rake them thoroughly. It can be a double agony on the part of another golfer who finds his ball tucked way below someone else’s footprints.
  • Another thing that you have to consider is to fill the holes where you made a divot. Divots that are left unfilled can be more frustrating than the un-raked bunkers. Try to fill the hole with the earth sod or with the sand mixture on the bubby or the Tee.
  • When it comes to the order of the play, it is always considered that the player farthest from the golf hole plays first. Except when playing in pairs, choosing who can play first can be part of the tactical reasons. The point here is that you must be patient in waiting for your turn.
  • In terms of scoring, you must state your score when you retrieve the golf ball from the hole. Make it a habit to mark the card when shifting from the green all the way to the next tee.

In order to become a successful golfer, you must stick with the basics. Listen to the golf experts. And during the game, when things seems to be out of balance, learn from your mistakes and turn them as an opportunity to improve.


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